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Wireless Call Box Intercom using GSM SIM card



Cellular wireless GSM Intercom Systems.


-No need for telephone cables or wires to the gate.

-GSM cellular intercoms available in the US.

-Uses SIM card inside to call up to 3 telephone numbers in sequence.

-Works on At&T or T-mobile SIM cards.

-Use pre-pay or contract SIM cards.

-Quality built stainless steel call box.

-Optional keypad for code lock option.

-Neon blue illuminated push button and keypad.

-Caller ID feature for up to 100 authorised numbers (call your gates to open).

-2 year manufacturers warranty included.




Smart phone intercom system for gate or door.


The Predator

3G Video Cellular GSM intercom system.


-Makes video call to compatible smart phones.

-See who is at your gates from anywhere in the world.

-Calls up to 3 numbers in sequence.

-Can also make standard audio voice call to fixed line telephones or non compatible phones.

-User can press * key to open gates or door.

-2 relay outputs for control of more than one gate or door.

-Colour images, even at night with built in white light illuminators.

-Pedestal mountable on standard 4"x4" gooseneck mounting (3"x3" hole centres).

-Optional keypad for access control by code.




Multi-resident wireless intercom system using sim card. Wireless intercom for apartments and compounds



Multi-apartment Cellular GSM Intercom System.


-Multi Residential or multi commercial wireless intercom call box.

-Can address up to 500 apartments from a single SIM card.

-No wires from gate to apartments. No hardware needed in apartments.

-Calls up to 3 telephone numbers in sequence, cell phones and/or fixed line telephones.

-User can press * key to open gates or door.

-Pedestal mountable on standard 4"x4" gooseneck mounting (3"x3" hole centres).

-keypad can also allow access control with single code.

-Installer can edit the welcome message on screen with instructions.

-On screen directory for smaller applications.





EntreePhone 602

Rf wireless Intercom Call Box.


-Full duplex communications.

-Call box wirelessly calls special DECT handset.

-Using tried and tested digital technology as used in almost all modern portable home phones.

-Up to 600 feet range through 1 external masonry wall.

-Handset can also be used as a regular telephone to make and receive calls.

-No phone line needed at the gate!

-No call cost for using the intercom.

-Can have up to 4 handsets inside the home.

-Kit consists of call box and outdoor gate transmitter box in weatherproof enclosure, and handset with charging base.





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