Wireless Cellular Intercom Systems


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  At Advanced Electronic Solutions, we manufacture wireless intercom system which use cell phone technology. These smart cellular intercoms use a regular SIM card to make phone calls on the telephone networks.

These systems have no range limit, and work on At&T or T-mobile SIM cards, which can either be pre-pay casual or contract cards.

The units can be easily programmed to call your fixed home telephone, and if there is no answer, automatically divert to a mobile cell phone. In fact they can call up to 3 numbers in sequence.

The units are designed in a stainless steel call box, which is pedestal or gooseneck mountable. 

Our systems have been sold in more than 20 countries, and we now manufacture the worlds widest range of wireless intercom systems.


We have GSM cellular call box intercom systems which make regular voice calls, 3G versions with built in camera which make video calls to compatible smart phones, multi apartment or multi tenant systems for up to 500 apartments sharing a common gate or door. Visit our products page to find out more, or click HERE to download the full catalogue.



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